Radars performance on par with Lidar

Today self-driving vehicles require a combination of sensors, including cameras, lidars, radars, GPS. Autonomous developers deploy multiple sensors for redundant safety, however, the high costs of some sensors represent a barrier for mainstream adoption.

Lidars are very expensive, brittle, and don’t work well in certain operative situations, like bad weather. Radars work well in all weather conditions but their capabilities lag behind lidars. We believe that radars will improve their angular resolution, range, and angle measurement to be as good as lidar. Radars are already cheaper than lidar and penetrate fog, rain, snow and in general, they are all-weather sensors.

Consequences of this:

  • Cheaper better sensors for vehicles and other uses
  • Gets us closer to fully autonomous vehicles reducing sensibly costs for autonomy sensors package suite

You can watch our webinar to learn more about the enablers that will lead to this.