Wireless bandwidth increases to 28 Gbps per device

Edholm's law predicts that the bandwidth and data rates double every 18 months, which has proven to be true since the 1970s. The trend is evident in the cases of Internet, cellular mobile, wireless LAN, and wireless personal area networks. For the Internet, Nielsen’s Law of Internet bandwidth predicts that users' bandwidth grows by 50 percent per year.

Note that the Y-axis has log scale, so a straight line in the diagram represents exponential growth by a constant percentage every year

Considering 325Mbps in 2019, and 487 Mbps in 2020, with a 57X increase over 10 years we can expect ~28,000 Mbps or 28 Gbps in 2030.

You can read more about the enablers of this growth at this excellent article about Nielsen’s Law.