Life in 2050

At Prime Movers Lab, we believe in addressing global challenges through scientific breakthroughs and technology innovation. These solutions give us tools to meet global challenges while providing a world of previously unimaginable material abundance for billions of people. Over the coming decades, humanity will need to address challenges that include climate change, poverty, feeding the world, access to water, and meeting the rising demand from billions of people entering the global middle class for more physical goods and services of all types. At the same time, human aspirations to live longer, healthier lives, and to surpass their current limitations will continue to expand. This roadmap of technologies outlines the possibilities we see for breakthrough science to tremendously bolster human wellbeing and help billions live in a world of abundance.

Not all of these breakthroughs will arrive in the exact years we’ve identified here. Some will take longer, or simply not occur in this timeframe. Other breakthroughs will surprise us by arriving sooner than we expect. Nevertheless, this technology roadmap illustrates the possibilities we see for innovating to increase human prosperity while addressing the world’s greatest challenges. We hope these possibilities inspire you as they inspire us. Explore the sectors below to see some of the future breakthroughs we envision.

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