Principles of Prime Movers Lab


Although we live at an unprecedented moment in human history in which more material abundance is available than ever before, somehow there also appears to be more suffering and discord than ever before. Prime Movers Lab is not a venture capital firm, we are a start-up created to spread massive abundance and more importantly human prosperity across the globe. We envision a world in which every human being on the planet not only has access to the massive financial resources the most fortunate of us possess, but also the psychological and spiritual development required to leverage external abundance in service of fulfillment.


Fundamentally, this all reduces to organizing our lives not around the standard western question of ‘What can I get from this?’, but rather re-orienting our lives around the question ‘How can I help?’. At Prime Movers Lab, this is our primary way of relating to the world: specifically our team, our founders, our investors, our partners and everyone we touch.

It is the opportunity to step into our highest nature as a parent to the world: i.e. treating every member of our human family as our family and digging deep within ourselves to find another level at which we can contribute to everyone around us. This also naturally requires dissolving and letting go of any remnants of ego, fear, anger, hatred or other limiting states of consciousness that no longer serve us or those around us.


Traditional workplaces shun this word, but it is our top value as a firm. Love for that which is beyond us (spirit, universe, energy, consciousness, whatever word you wish to use), love for our true selves in how we care for our mind, body and spirit so that we may serve at the highest level, love for each other, love for our founders, and love for our investors.

At our core, none of us are our minds or bodies. We are a presence, a loving awareness, a spacious being beyond all traditional dimensions, consciousness. We firmly believe that without an active spiritual practice of some sort (meditation, breathwork, yoga, walks in nature, etc...), we cannot function at our highest potential because to do so requires connecting with that light inside that is the source of our ability to shine bright and serve others. To partner with Prime Movers Lab, means to sign up for a spiritual journey of embodying consciousness and shining our light more brightly than we ever imagined possible.

While we are not our minds, we must take care of our minds and how we use them in order to create value in this dimension of experience. This means feeding our minds helpful content (e.g. reading books about how to improve ourselves and taking time for regular coaching or self-development events) and trimming the weeds of ego, fear, anxiety, depression, and other unconstructive emotions or mental constructs. This means spending 95% of our energy on identifying solutions and only 5% on identifying problems.

This means recognizing and living the principle that each of us is 100% responsible for our experience of life. It means that we are the creator of our lives and we create our lives by the meanings we give to our experiences. Nothing is objectively scary, sad, disappointing, etc… We decide what an event means and to partner with the Prime Movers Lab family is to commit to ourselves and this team that we will find higher meanings in the events of life. As we master the meaning we give to events, we find the ultimate freedom to construct our inner experience to always be loving, pleasant and joyful no matter what happens in the outside world. This is the key not just to inner joy, but external success because it removes us from the cycle of reactivity that results in anger and fear, the most destructive emotions.

The foundation from which we can stabilize our being and embody mental clarity and spiritual evolution, is a sound body. While we of course all know this, the key is actually executing on it (e.g. drinking sufficient water each day, exercising daily, stretching daily, and eating primarily leafy green vegetables while minimizing sugar, red meat, alcohol, coffee and other acid-producing substances). Without taking care of our bodies, it is far more challenging to create and sustain the level of energy required to comfortably serve at the level appropriate for our expansive mission.

Team, Founders, and Investors
Ultimately, how we love and serve our team, founders and investors is the metric of our success and a key reason for taking excellent care of ourselves. All the ways to take care of ourselves above are designed to ensure that we are in touch with our deepest self and thriving internally, at which point taking care of others becomes a seamless joy rather than a taxing burden.


Fundamentally partnering with Prime Movers Lab is a decision to become the best version of each of us and transcend a limited sense of self. This is an intense environment and it is going to continue to become even more so as we expand the scope of the impact we create in the world. This level of impact requires a tremendous commitment to personal growth in order to be able to comfortably run at this speed and deliver unprecedented contributions to our founders and investors. Below are some of our guiding values that flesh out the specifics of how we choose to embody service, love and growth in our day to day lives.

Guiding Values

Beautiful State
We decide to live in a beautiful state no matter what. This is the single most important decision we make in our lives and it is the foundation of our prosperity.

Mastery of Meaning
We decide the meaning of events. When we do this, we are far more effective at solving problems. We remember that LIFE IS ALWAYS HAPPENING FOR US, not to US. We utilize whatever appears in our life to share even more love and joy with the world.

Outstanding Energy
We constantly expand our energetic capacity. We recognize that the difference between extraordinary success and joy and a normal life is only our energy level.

Live Unlimited
We constantly let go of old limiting beliefs and stories. We observe any assumed impossibility as something of our own making and instead identify ways that the impossible could become possible. We decide what we believe and choose to pick up and put down beliefs based on our outcomes and what will help us to contribute.

100% Responsibility
We notice when sadness, anger or fear arise and rather than blaming the outside world for triggering them, recognize that we are creating those emotions inside of ourselves. The emotional response only appears to have something to do with the outside world, but the deeper truth is they are totally unrelated and the outside world is just an excuse for feeling what is already there under the surface. We take 100% responsibility for our emotions and the beliefs that generate them.

Identify as a Creator
We recognize how our choices (of thoughts, emotions, actions, and spoken words) create our lives. We decide what kind of life we want to live and we use the power of language for manifesting that inside desire as outside reality. We are the creators of our lives, not the managers of our circumstances.

Massive Action
We immediately take action on an insight. Every decision is followed by some concrete step towards implementing that decision in the moment.


To conclude, every partner of Prime Movers Lab is on a mission to transform billions of lives and we are explicitly committed to embodying the following principles:

  • I am a parent to the world
  • I am focused on ‘how can I help?’ not ‘what can I get?’
  • I treat our team, founders, and investors with love and serve them
  • I am 100% responsible for my experience of life and making empowering meanings
  • I take care of my body, mind and spirit such that I can exude extraordinary energy consistently and effortlessly do that which others consider unbelievable
  • I am constantly evolving and growing to shed my limitations and welcome feedback from others in order to see and eliminate my blind spots

These are, in short form, the principles that have allowed this firm and family to grow so rapidly and are the bedrock of our future success. We, too, of course are works in progress and welcome your partnership in helping to even more deeply embody these principles. We look forward to serving, loving and growing together for many decades to come.