Flexible location


Prime Movers Lab invests in breakthrough scientific startups founded by Prime Movers, the inventors who transform billions of lives. We invest $1mm-$3mm in seed-stage companies reinventing energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, human augmentation, and computing. The core of our differentiated value creation is our deep technical diligence to evaluate groundbreaking technologies. We need a Researcher to extensively read and regularly report on cutting edge developments across academic publications, corporate research papers, patent filings, and market news.

The right candidate will bring broad scientific curiosity and problem-solving skills developed in performing world-class PhD-level research. It is crucial in this role to feel comfortable exploring a diverse range of technologies at various depths. An exceptional Researcher will relish the challenge of seamlessly balancing reading thousands of pages of research weekly, seeking input from expert advisors, speaking to relevant market players, and synthesizing this research into cogent easy to comprehend daily summaries. The Researcher will be our eyes toward the future helping us to prepare for and seek out new exciting opportunities by digesting vast quantities of content and extracting actionable trends.

We are looking for someone who has strong research capabilities. Through his own example and idealism, our Founder and General Partner leads a value-driven culture and needs a Researcher who can keep up and wants to learn how to be the best contributor possible. We will invest in ongoing training and personal development to support the right candidate who meets our needs.


  • Read 1,000 pages daily of academic publications, corporate papers, and patent filings
  • Speak to expert advisors for input
  • Discuss learnings with relevant market participants
  • Write a daily 1-page summary of learnings to inform and educate the team


  • At least a PhD in physics, chemistry, or another hard science field
  • Demonstrated ability to reason from first principles
  • Experience researching theoretical or computational scientific subjects
  • Track record in applying theory to experimental or device design
  • Flexible hours and availability with a startup attitude of intense dedication


  • Prior experience in a fast-paced startup
  • Past exposure to angel investing or venture capital